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This website is dedicated to helping you find a Probate Lawyer located near you to assist with all aspects of probate law (major areas of probate law are listed opposite) including the complicated legal issues associated with Estate Planning in Australia and Making a Will in Australia.

Making a Will is one of the most important steps you can undertake to safeguard your family assets after your death.

Making a Will begins with good Estate Planning to ensure you have put into place the right strategy to safely transfer your assets to your family.

Wills and Estate Planning documents prepared by Probate Lawyers are much more certain to transfer your assets according to your wishes, rather than Wills which have not been professionally prepared.

Most of our Probate Lawyers and Solicitors give short, free legal advice on Making a Will, Estate Planning and Probate Law generally, on first telephone contact.

Enquiries to individual Probate Lawyers are welcome.

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